ACEM® Pistol Loaders

The ACEM® Pistol Loader BETA 2.0 is GLOCK® compatible a pistol magazine loader for 9mm/.40 S&W/.357 rounds. Utilizing PLATE's patented method and design, the ACEM single feed line can do what no other loader can, load pistol mags rapidly with one single push. 

  • With its two piece polymer construction, the ACEM is both extremely durable and easy to use. Best of all, the loader was designed to load virtually any pistol magazine,  all without damaging feed lips, projectiles and, most importantly, your fingers.

    In developing the ACEM, we consulted with both active and retired specialized military personnel, law enforcement officers and shooting enthusiasts to provide the best loader possible. To ensure its durability, the ACEM pistol line was subjected to extreme temperature, impact and chemical tests. Our pistol models have been tested with every magazine and round we could get our hands on, so if you find a magazine that doesn’t work with the ACEM, we want to hear about it!

    Made in the U.S.A.

    • Impact and crush resistant polymer construction
    • Open-ended mag receiver accepts virtually any magazine, regardless of capacity or manufacturer
    • Top and bottom texture for positive handling
    • Calibrated round indicators
    • Built in unloading tab
    • Built in Push-Assist storage
    • Loads loose ammo or feeds straight from the box
    • Available in both Carbine (up to 33 rounds at a time) or Pistol (up to 22 rounds at a time) sizes
  • ACEM Resources: ACEM Pistol Loader Demonstration (YouTube) Intellectual Property 


    WARNING: Observe safe firearm handling practices at all times. Failure to do so may result in serious bodily injury or death. PLATE shall not be responsible for injury, death, or property damage resulting from faulty installation, misuse, illegal use, or modification of this product.